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Personality Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Oren Amitay

Personality Lecture 3 Thematic Apperception Test In the pictures: there was a multitude of possible storiesthere is a reason Need the history and other pieces of information Take a lot of responses, repeated themes When people see something that could have never been possibleusually means the person bases reactions not on what happens but by their expectations. Good for o Can see how you perceive your environment o Can see if you can identify human emotions o See your personality at the time o Ability to plan ahead Thinking critically about projective test IncompetentUnethical Examiners Are themesanswers REAL or FANTASY(Is someone really aggressive or do they just have aggressive thoughts)Do more tests? In order to interpret someones background you need to know someone backgroundcurrent functioning o Takes away relevance of the testUsing background to overly influence the interpretation (Freud knew how someone was breastfed and how they are right nowlook for anything that connects the two) o Use test to confirm what you already know about the person o An element of art to itthere is interpretations. (sometimes overly interpret based on Psychologists experience) o But use knowledge of personality, of psychology knowledge of tests and look at test already madeand create a story that accurately resembles the persons life and personality o To do it properlyYou need a lot of training o Norms Validity of codingbefore in a lot of books, made a lot of references to latent homosexuality. If you know how certain group of people typically respond a certain wayand a person responds that way it say that they might have something to do it If the Projective test is invalid for thisthen complain about MMPI MMPItook people who have certain disorders and compare them to people who dont have that specific disorderand see how they are different o Convergent Validityseveral pieces of data give similar answers Very important
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