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Personality Lecture 5

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Oren Amitay

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Lecture 6 CH 8: Experimental Analysis of Behaviour: John Dollard and Neal Miller, B.F. Skinner Step back and ask what is compelling about behaviourism Important thing about behaviourism is that it is something that can be observedmeasured All the behaviour and learning experiments were done on animals (rats, pigeons, cats) Behaviourists loved it because they could easily take an animal have theories of how the animal should behaveput them in an experiment and test to see if they act the way it was predictedGOOD SCIENCE? Behaviouristdid real science, predict, observe, measure PROBLEMjust because rat acts a certain way, will humans act that way? What can you say about someone who prefers to think of human beings through behaviourismSome thing about your personality? Behaviour and Learning Theories Behaviour and learning theorists emphasize experience and learning as the primary forces that shape human behaviour Explore personality experimentally by studying behaviour in laboratory settings Dollard and Millerpsychoanalytic learning theory o Wanted to take Freudian concepts and put a behaviourist spin on them o They were EMPIRICISTSbelieved that all knowledge comes from experience, were not born with anythingwe are blank slates (Tabula Rasa) Skinnerradical behaviourism JOHN B. WATSON Watson was one of the biggest names in behaviourism Forced out of academiabecause he was cheating on his wife No ethics boards at his timeWhat kind of man would do what he did (Baby Albert) Why was there so much mix up about Baby Albert o Watson kept changing this story o Textbooks love behaviourism (Textbooks hated Freud)had an agenda So many theories on learning originated from exaggerations of what happened to baby Albert Wanted to show that Albert was conditioned to one thing and GENERALIZED to other things
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