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Lecture 7

Personality Lecture 7

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Oren Amitay

Lecture 7 Rule that an experimenter uses to determine when particular responses will be reinforced Difference between Partial and Continuous conditioning Continuousyou keep reinforcing behaviour. Every response followed rapidly by reinforcement o If you want to teach a new behaviour use continuous reinforcement Partial: Reinforcement delivered only some of the time o If you want to teach a new behaviour use continuous reinforcement We dont learn everything from trial and errorWe sometimes observe o We dont have learn everything from other the experiences of others think learning French Chapter 9 BANDURA Viewed people as agents, or originators, of experience o We play active roles in our lives Human agency is the ability to act and make things happen Agency entails o Intentionality o Forethought o Self-reactiveness o Self-reflectiveness Triadic Reciprocal Causation o The debate of Nature Vs Nurture does not existit is an interaction between the two o Our behaviour is a product and also a reactant of our Personality within our environmentThe three feed into each other o Seems basic but once upon a time there was a debate on whether or not Personality existMichel thought that there isnt Personality He thought that Personality is behaviourismand behaviour is due to the environmentHe thought that if there were personality traits then the same trait would show no matter what the environmentPeople who are usually extraverted will not be extraverted at a funeral. o Ex. Kevin goes to a club and Kevin sees that all the men that are being polite are being laughed at by the women Environment Club Environmental DeterminatesWhats happening at the club Nice guys being laughed at Jerks are getting the women
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