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Lecture 8

Personality Lecture 8

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Lecture 8 GORDON ALLPORT Born in 1897 in Indiana Attended Harvard as an undergraduate and graduate student Became an instructor of social ethics at Harvard Taught the first course offered in personality Took 1800 words to describe personality (afterwards it was narrowed to 15 and then to 5 to 3) Nature of Personality Personality a real entity Hoped that neuropsychological and psychological research would one day show us the location of personality Distinguished between CONTINUITY theories of personality that are closed and admit little change and DISCONTINUITY theories that are open and provide for the extensive growth. o Continuity theory says we have a certain number of traits, behaviours, habits, abilities, all we do is modify, we change, we develop these traits o Discontinuity model says as we get older we get new traits Guy on first day 6 traits Unempathic Neurotic Arrogant Humorous Dramatic Traits Neuropsychic structures within a person that influence behaviour; they are not simply labels we use to descibe or classify behaviours COMMON TRAITShypothetical constructs that permit us to make comparison between individuals PERSONAL DISPOSITIONunique to each person o Cardinalso pervasive that they influence almost every behaviour of an individual o Centralhighly characteristic of individual o Secondaryspecific, focused tendencies The Proprium, Functional Autonomy Central experiences of self-awareness that people have as they grow and move forward
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