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Lecture 5

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Marc A Fournier

PSYB30Lecture 5Introduction to Big 5 TaxonomyCommon Measures NEOPPI R Big 5 Inventory Gosling 2003 demonstrate tat 5facot model could be asses with as few as 10 items trait cluster range of diff circumstances internalNeuroticismAFFECT Anxiety Angry Hostility Depression SelfConsciousness Impulsiveness Vulnerability Correlates Relationship DifficultiesAffect propensity towards stress biggest predictor of relationship anxiety insecurityExtraversionpower Warmth Gregariousness assertiveness activity excitement seeingemotions Correlates Social Dominanceaffect tendency to positive social engagement Cameron Andersonmixed sex dorm measure personality traits had frat and sorority and round robin rate each other to social status Most prominent influential in the eyes of others were the most extravertedAgreeablenessLOVE Trust straightforwardness altruism compliance modesty tendermindedness Correlates Gratitude and forgiveness volunteerism also forgivenessConscientiousnessWORK Competence Order Dutifulness achievement striving selfdisciplines deliberation Correlates Educational and occupational achievement health and longevity educational performance and occupational achievement Openness to ExperienceIDEA Fantasy Aesthetics Feelings Actions Ideas Values Correlates Hypnotic Susceptibility artistic Creativity least understood many pseudonyms changed to openness to exp and openness intellect high in absorptionM
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