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Marc A Fournier

Freuds Developmental Theory: Freud and the Psychosexual Stages Libido: The energy that drives the psychological machine. It is energy like any energy cannot be created, or destroyed. It can only be redirected and shunted from one purpose to another, from one mechanism to another. He was fashioning a view of the human mind as being mechanical and being driven by energy (libido). Freud believed that the human mind was a psychic system which operated on the basis of energy (libido). It reflects the influence of the physical sciences. He saw the libido as being the energy that emerges from human instincts. This reflects the influence of Darwin on his thinking. Much of the energy that drives human behavior is instinctual in origin. He originally thought that there a two types of instincts: instincts relevant to survival and instincts relevant to sex and survival. He later put the two together and said that there was one set of instincts that are life preserving in nature and the energy they generate is called as libido. LIBIDO: Any life-sustaining need satisfyingpleasure oriented urge. In his later career he referred to libido as Eros-life instinct that energy that drives you towards life preserving action. Thanatos death instinct. Complementary concept that refers to the urges we have to destroy, to harm, or to aggress against others or oneself. Adler challenged the idea that everything could be reduced to libidinal urges (life-preserving urges). Adler believed that there is an instinct towards destruction. Critically Freud believed that there was a developmental sequence that occurred; where the libido became organized and centered around a particular biological areafxn. Its the nature of human organismic development. As we develop from infancy to adulthood, the libido comes online and gets organized around particular areas of the body. Libidinal organization- the organization of the libido around a particular biological organfxn. The bodily source of libido is referred to as EROGENOUS ZONE (root: eroslibido) As we develop from early infancy to puberty there is this sequence of stages that occurs the organization of the libido and at each stage, there is a particular developmental challenge that is being undertaken that requires resolution. The First of these stages of libidinal organization occurs in the first year and a half of life - birth -18 months of age. The libido is organized around the mouth, lips and tongue, hence it is known as the oral stage. The libido is present from birth. During the Oral stage, infants take great pleasure from being fed, and they also learn that non-nutrient substitutes can be accepted. Infants can suck their thumbs, etc. and they learn that that can be a great source of pleasure as well Over the course of the 18months, infants begin to teeth. They begin to learn that they can chew their food and also swallow it. This demarcates the first of many stages during which the organism becomes much more active in its
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