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Lecture 15

Lecture 15 notes

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Marc A Fournier

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PSYB30PERSONALITYProf. Marc A. Fournier Lecture 15- March 14, 2011 Part I. Erik Homburger Erikson Part II. Identity & Intimacy Part III. Generativity Overview of Part I Erik Homburger Eriksons Theory of Psychosocial Development STAGES TASKS ISSUES VIRTUES STRENGTHS Erik Homburger & Erik Erikson The Outsider: He was born to a Jew and a Protestant, thus was accepted by neither community The Wandering Artist: Began to travel throughout Europe as a gypsy artist The Psychoanalyst: At Vienna at 25, he taught with Frued and his daughter Anna; he was trained to become a Psycholoanalyst; Anna Frued was his therapist The American: He left Vienna and went to the US; he taught at Yale and Harvard and adopted a new name-> Eric Erickson Fundamental Eriksonian Concepts
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