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Lecture 2

week 2 beginning

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Oren Amitay

Week 2 Human Evolution: Attachment system one hypothesized evolved psychological adaptation that connects infants to caregivers and later on adults to their romantic partners. Rank System: The idea that there is an evolved psychological apparatus to deal with social hierarchy Evolutionary Process Traces itself to the work of Charles Darwin. Born in 1809 in England. Degree in 1831 age 22. 1st job was wo pay as a naturalist on the HMS Beetle mapping the west and east coast of South America. Groundwork for evolutionary theory was laid down bw the ages of 23-27. Year 1859 - Age 50 when origin of species is published. Year 1871 Descent of Man sequel is written. 1882 died and is buried in west minister abbey. Darwinian evolutionary theory is one of the 3 greatest forces that has helped change the ways humans see themselves in the world. No one has changed the way we think of ourselves as biological agents than Charles Darwin. Personality domain in psych life science Evolution is the organizing frame work for life sciences. Any theory of personality must be consistent with the evolutionary theory if it is to be correct. 3 basic idea as to where humans come from: 1. Evolution; 2. Creationism the idea that some divine agent created human life; 3. Seating theory Aliens came and planted humans in the Earth. Evolution theory is the only scientifically grounded theory that is capable of counting for the variety of fxn design and the fxnality of design that we see in living things and it is the only scientific theory that is capable of counting all the paleontologicalarcheological data. The foundation of classical evolutionary theory guides contempory evolutionary theory and evolutionary psych. There are 3 basic elements to the evolutionary process: 1. Variation; 2. Inheritance; 3. Selection Variation: the idea that we differ in our design features. We are diff physically and psychologically; there is variation in design. Some of these design features are inheritable they will be passed on to a certain extent to ones progeny. Some of these design features have a basis in our genesis and therefore we pass it along to our progeny. Selection: Design features will to a greaterlesser extent CAN INFLUENCE OUR CAPACITIES TO SURVIVE AND REPRODUCE. And if the design feature in question is inheritable and it contributes to our survival and reproductive success
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