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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

Psyb30 Lec 7 The (7) Up series – To show the continuity and coherence of personality - Continuity of Personality – Do indiv differences in some atribute predict individual differences in that same attribute at some later point in time? (X1 - > X2) - Coherence of Personality – Do indiv differences in some attribute predict indiv differences in some other attribute at some later point in time? (X1 -> Y2) - Differential continuity –is independent of normative changes in trait level. - How early in life can we see personality consistency? o Freud – age 5 or 6 o William James – set like ‘plaster’ at age 30 Meta analyisis – Averaging findings across studies Roberts & DelVecchio – Consistency increased as a function of age. - The older you get the more stable you are. - Consistency decreased as a function of time interval - (longer time = les consistency) - The differential (rank-order) continuity of traits emerges in childhood and peaks around the age of 50, but not at a level high enough to conclude that our traits at some point become set in stone. Coherence of Personality – The inferred consistency of some underlyting attribute despote observed change in its behavioral expression Caspi, Elder and Bem – frequency & severity of temper tantrums in children predicted (oppositional) Although our underlying traits are theorized to remain constant, their correlates can vary across life course. Heritability – The proportion of OBSERVED VARIANCE in a group of individuals that
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