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Myth and Narrative

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

PSYB30: Personality Professor Marc A. Fournier Week 11: Myth & Narrative Overview of Week 11 Lectures: Part I. Sigmund Freud Part II. Alfred Adler (Freuds prominent student) Part III. Carl Jung (another student of Freud) - Freud and all of his intellectual decedents place such a central role in the deep unconscious processesthat exist within us - a complex understanding with what goeson in a person Overview of Part I: Freuds Psychoanalysis Latent & Manifest Compromise Formation a superficial compromise between factions and parties conflict deep within the psyche Dreams, Symptoms, & Parapraxes Sigmund Freud (1856-1939): *Freud outlined a very bold and comprehensive outline with personality *Goal: was too provide a grand unifying theory of all personality and human behaviour Freud provided the first (and perhaps only) comprehensive theory of personality: Structure (idegosuperego) Dynamics (conscious vs. unconscious) there are some tensions that exist between these levels as anxiety provoking urges are suppressed deep within the unconscious Development (oralanalphalliclatencygenital) each involved the organization of the libido around a specific erogenous zone *We should now have a good understanding how modest personality theorists ambitions are *Classic personality theories strive to explain all of human behaviour and individual differences compared to contemporary personality theories which tends to be much more limited in scope Freud introduced the talking cure (psychotherapy), and many (if not all) of his ideas are still widely accepted and used by clinicians today; e.g., every clinician today incorporates some Freudian ideas in hisher thinking and practice The importancerecognition of early childhood experiences specifically how attachment theories play out in adults Internal conflicts and anxiety 1 PSYB30: Personality Professor Marc A. Fournier important element of Freudian therapy Ego defenses even when people come to you looking for help (as a clinician) they will have defenses- regardless of your best intentions a healthy respect for these principals is highly recommended Fundamental Concepts: Basic Instincts: Sex & Aggression - these underline much of human behaviour - early thinking to the dedication of the libido (innate life preserving force that drives human action) - Eros and Thanatos- innate instinctual drives between sex and aggression Defense Mechanisms - Regression being the first line of defense- that which is intolerable to the self we simply push out of awareness - but when defense mechanisms like repression fail there is a whole suit of secondary defense mechanisms that we can call on - we all have a preferred defense mechanism - we all have a set of defense mechanisms that we all rely on to protect ourselves from anxiety Anxiety - the core aspect relating to the conflicts in the varies structural elements in the psyche - when the egois loosing control over the id or the superego the experience of anxiety is felt Text & Subtext: things are never as they seem Manifest Content (Text) The surface or conscious level of experience e.g., the dream that you remember having the appearance of it thoughts that are currently going through your mind all have a surface appearance What you can see. feel, think and actually recall manifest material is not only determined- but over determined Latent Content (Subtext) The hidden or unconscious level of experience e.g., the underlying meaning of the dream Freud argues that a true understand of the human condition recognizes that manifest immerges out of a great hoard of competing latent material latent material gives rise to the manifest material (determines the manifest stuff) all things are competing to find expression in your behaviour 2
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