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The Life Story Week 10

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Marc A Fournier

PSYB30: Personality Professor Marc A. Fournier Week 10: The Life Story Overview of Week 10 Lectures: Part I. Life-Story Formation Part II. Life-Story Integration Part III. Life-Story Revision Life of Pie: illustrates the tension between narrative truth and historical truth and the tension that exists between them o as people we are storytellers and story in an important role o the role that narrative has in psychological prospering *McAdams believes that this life narrative or life story approach offer a third tier in our understanding in persons Tier 1 = personality traits Tier 2 = characteristic, motivational and cognitive development into the world Tier 3 = the life story, all the dynamics of the person is brought together in coherence Overview of Part I: Life-Story Formation InfancyNarrative Tone ChildhoodImagery & Theme AdolescenceSetting & Character Dimensions of Human Existence: Introduced by David Bakan- psychologist the duality of human existence Two fundamental themes in everything that is essentially human: Agency: Focus on the self Formation of separations (between the self and other things in the world) Striving for self-expansion and self-elevation reflects itself as dominance, social rank, and power the selfs efforts to expand and grow and become differentiated enhance, protect and maintain the self as a separate entity Communion: Focus on others (rather than the self) Formation of connections Striving for contact and congregation with others two separate motivations within the human condition meta-concepts that cut across many conditions running through many if not all theories of personality The Tone of Infancy: 1
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