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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

Humanism - Third organizing force in north American psychology - We are the products of our learning histories - Humans are essentially good and intrinsically on a positive development trajectory - Carl Rogers o trained as a psychotherapist o To know how to make people better you have to know how things go wrong o We all have this intuitive structure that tell us whether or not the choices were making are right or wrong - FFA fully functioning person o Free of the need to extensively distort their experiences and are able to think attentively, non-defensive o Ability to trust their inner intuitions o Go with their gut... - Reflection o When a councillor accurately expresses a clients feelings or words - Client-centred therapy o The client finds in the councillor a genuine alter ego in an operational and technical sense; the councillor is giving up his or her own identity except for the one striving to understand - Peak experiences - DC experiment classic study o Noxious role that rewards play in the regulation of behaviour o Got people to come in and play a game called SOMA same appeal as rubix cube
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