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lec 17

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

Week 10 Lec 17- Life Stories -Book called The life of Pie Dion Martel. Commentary on storytelling; first part Pie is a boy in India of son of zookeeper, his development and discovers God. Second; moves to India from Canada by boat the boat sinks though and he survives with animals. Final end, reflect that accounts may not be true, maybe worse. Illustrates between narrative and historical truth as well as the role it plays in psychological healing. This is the finial tear; first is personality traits(knowing someone as an acquaintance) Next level characteristic adaptations of traits into the world. Final, to truly understand a person you need to view the persons life story, all attributes are organized and have meaning. Dimensions of human existence : Agency vs Communion. Bakn s theory was use by Mcadams, argued that there are two fundamental themes in everything that is human: Agency: concern the self, formation of self vs other world. The striving of the self to expand, grow and differentiate. Refects itself in dominance etc. Communioun: concern the focus on others, formation of connections, contact and congregation with others. BOTH ARE IN ALL THEoRIES OF PERSONALITY Tone of LS in Infancy: Early infant-caregiver attachments serve to organize our experiences of trust vs. mistrust; can one look to the world and address the need s of the child or is world uncertain with insig. Care. And tone is said to be set. From this stage attainment of Erik EriksonsHope: The enduring belief in the attainability of fervent wishes This early orientation set the tone for life story: optimistic or pessimistic tone(comedy & romance) Pessimistic stories (tragedy & irony) outlooks happy endings Whether you believe your wishes can be attained. Tone of LS in Early childhood The nursery school child is busy acquiring a stockpile of rich, emotionally laden images from family, school, the media, etc. These become the building blocks of life story. These images that you are exposed to as you grow up. All of us at this age are acquiring this that we make use of as we grow up and create life story. Culturally grounded or sanctioned images provide raw material for later life-story development Later Childhood themes: Now that we are storytellers, we can now reason in story terms and understand the internal logic of a story. The elementary school child is able to organize human intentions
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