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Marc A Fournier

Lec 19-personlaity Freud provided the first (and perhaps only) comprehensive theory of personality: It was Structured (id(source of libidino energy)ego(executive)superego(not conscience but moral source) Dynamic (preconscious)conscious vs. unconscious) and Developmental(oralanalphalliclatencygenital)stages. Freuds theory was that of classic because it was a more wholistic view of personality and sought to explain it all, more moderncontemporary have a limited scope and focus on one aspect; ie) agreeableness Freud introduced the talking cure (psychotherapy), and many (if not all) of his ideas are still widely accepted and used by clinicians today; eg: 1.The importance of early childhood experiences (any deep problem; for example personality disorder) 2. Internal conflicts and anxiety 3. Ego defenses(deepest points of despair we go to therapy, even though they want your help they will do everything to undermine therapy. Clinicians when graduating do not tend to be trained in psychotherapy but all seem to use one of these ideas. He drew the early maps of the human mind. Fundamental concepts of Freudian theory include: 1. Instincts, drives of Sex & aggression. And libido 2. Defense mech; repression first line of defense. Every person has one that protects them from anxiety. 3. Aniety; conflicts with the ego; id and super Freuds distinction between text{(manifest)and subtext(latent). Manifest is that which is on the surface of the conscious level for example the dream you remember having or the symptoms you are feeling or the slip with your friends , but the most important thing is understanding that the manifest was risen by Latent material is the hidden or unconscious level of experience for example the underlying meaning of the dream, the purpose of the dream is suppose to be hidden from you. Latent determins MANIFEST. So much latent materieral that manifest is OVERDETERMINED. So many competing elements in latent material. All your urges and conflicts etc areall conflicting to reveal itself in behavior. Therefore, we can look at human behavior as a treaty; a compromise of competing conflicts. Much of human behavior serves as a kind of treaty, or a compromise among conflicting forces; i.e., the ids instincts and the superegos censure: Everyday examples: Dreams ,Neurotic symptoms(stutter in the kings speech, his conflict btwn speeching and with=holding opinion), parapraxes (slips of the tongue) Dream work: refered to as movement from latent material to manifest. Because moving ALL material would create to much anxiety in conscious then we have it in small doses The spontaneous and unconscious process of manifesting a dream, accomplished via( you disguise it in manifest material: Condensation (Compression-
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