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Lecture 13

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PSYB30 Personality Mon, March 72011 Lecture 13 Overview of Week 8 Lectures Part I: Humanism Part II: Self-Determination Part III: Goals & Self- Concordance Part I Humanistic Approaches to Psychology Rogers Fully Functioning Person Maslows Self-Actualizer Humanism Emerges in the 20 century as the 3 organizing force in North American psychology st 1 is Psychoanalysis states that humans have little control of their actions and much of what we do comes from our unconscious. Shows humans in a darker, more evil light (negative). 2 Behaviourism We are the products of our learning histories Shows humans as neutral, not good or bad, just products of our learning experiences 3 Humanism Adopts a much more optimistic (positive) view on humans From the humanistic point of view, humans are essentially good All of us come into the world with potentials, and whether we discover these potentials depends on our environments Views humans as rational, purposeful, and autonomous, capable of creativity and experiencing deep and profound insights into reality Opposing what psychoanalysis says about us, humanism states that we are conscious in what we do, we consciously self-regulate...what we do isnt dependent on what rests subconsciously Carl Rogers (1902 1987) A key figure in humanism and the originator of the humanistic approach to psycho-therapy Rogers offered his own theory on personality in contrast to previous lecture which states that there are many motives underlying behaviour, Rogers believes that there is one single motive underlying human behaviour The organism has but one basic tendency and striving - to actualize, maintain, and enhance the experiencing organism. (Rogers, 1951) He believed that inside each of us is a true self, a person were intended to become, and as part of our development we will realize that true person were all in the process of becoming the person were meant to be
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