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Lecture 14

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Marc A Fournier

PSYB30 Personality Wed, March 92011 Lecture 14 Part II (continued) Needs & Need Satisfaction...(cont) As well as the 3 Basic Psychological Needs, Deci identified 3 Growth-Promoting Contextual Factors related to the environment that seem to contribute to the satisfaction of the Basic Psychological Needs and to personality growth So basically we cant fulfill the basic needs on their own, we need help from aspects of the environment Growth-Promoting Contextual Factors Autonomy Support the extent to which the environment offers choices ... to which initiation and innovation are encouraged ... to which the pressure to perform is minimized these environments are supportive of autonomy (help individuals to feel autonomous) Structure the extent to which the contingencies between behaviours and outcomes are understandable so to what extent in an environment do you knowunderstand that if you behave a certain way, a certain outcome will follow to what extent have expectations and guidelines for performance been made clear to you a well structured environment provides clear expectations and guidelines with respect to you and your behaviour to what extent does the environment provide regular and clear feedback with respect to your behaviour Structure is important for the satisfaction of ones need for competence. In order to feel competent, one needs to know what will happen when you go into a situation and behave certain ways Involvement the degree of involvement that significant others show towards you in the context in question to what extent do you get the feeling that those in the context care about you, about your development and your welfare in the environment youre in depending on the degree in which others express their involvement and care for you, your needs for relatedness will be met So there is this triad of contextual factors that contribute to need satisfaction and growth The ideal context is one that supplies: autonomy support a clear set of choices
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