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Lecture 19

Thorough Notes on Lecture 19

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Marc A Fournier

PSYB30 Personality Mon, March 282011 Lecture 19 Myth & Narrative Overview of Week 11 PART I: Sigmund Freud PART II: Alfred Adler PART III: Carl Jung Overview of Part I Freuds Psychoanalysis Latent & Manifest Compromise Formation Dreams, Symptoms, & Parapraxes (slips of the tongue) Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) Freud provided the first (and perhaps only) comprehensive theory of personality: Structure (idegosuperego) Dynamics (conscious vs. Unconscious) Development (oralanalphalliclatencygenital) so theories today are really limited on their a personality psychologist of today will try and come up with a theory of agreeableness as a personality trait whereas these guys like Freud tried to come up with entire theories of they basically had more balls than our guys today. RESPECT. Freud introduced the talking cure (psychotherapy), and many (if not all) of his ideas are still widely accepted and used by clinicians today; eg: The importance of early childhood experiences With almost any kind of personality disorder, a therapist will make reference to ones childhood Internal conflicts and anxiety Ego defenses Psychotherapy isnt easy due to the fact that the harder a therapist presses the patient into diving deeper into their conscious to figure out whats really causing their conflict, the harder the minds defenses work to suppress the true answers Prof says that he bets that every single clinician incorporates some very basic Freudian ideas in their thinking and practice Even though that the general map that Freud drew of the mind is probably wrong, we should still tip our hats to him. When Christopher Columbus drew his maps of the world, they were wrong but the leap between how the world was viewed before and how it was viewed after is what we should respect Fundamental Concepts
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