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Lecture 15

Personality Lecture 15 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

Lecture 15 Characteristics Adaptations Conclusion Human Development Erik Erikson Theory of Psychosocial Development Reformulation of Freuds psychosexual development Erikson re-conceptualizes each of the Fruedian stages and he also extends Freud model beyond childhood and emphasizes adulthood and across the life span Important aspects of his theory Stages TasksIssues VirtuesStrength 2 key ideas underlying Erikson thinking 1)The Epigenetic Principle Personality is designed to unfold across a predetermined series of stages that all people must pass through Each stage presents a challenge or issue and it must be confronted Doesnt mean we will always resolve it and succeed Optimal Time For each of these challeneges there is an optimal time and it is crucial that we undertake them at a particular time It cannot be rushed and cannot be stalled Virtue a psychosocial strength that comes from having adequately addressed a challenge Favorable balance these tasks involve conflicts with two outcomes the virtue or strength is to be found between those two outcomes you can have an excess or deficiency in the characteristic youre supposed to inherit. A failure to resolve a challenge could lead to an excess or defficiency. The goal is to have the perfect balance between them a balance 2) Triple Bookkeeping persons life must be understood on 3 levels of analysis If you want to describe a persons functioning you must consider these body body and the sexual urges housed within the body a description of the persons functioning must consider this aspect of functioning the ego persons conscious understand of the world underemphasized in Freudian thinking familysociety
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