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Week 8 Lecture Notes

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Marc A Fournier

PSYB30 Lecture Notes (Lecture 13+14)Week 8 Self-Determination 1 HUMANISM The old Psychoanalytic theory in which everything humans do are based on their inner dark unconsciousness. Behaviorism sees humans as neutral, we arent good nor evil, were simply what we have learned to be (operant conditioning). Humanism sees it differently from both of the views above. It has an optimistic view of the person as inherently good. All of us come into the world with potentials, and were designed to realize these potentials. Views the human being as rational, purposeful, and autonomous, capable of creativity and experiencing deep and profound insights into reality. Carl Rogers (1902 1987) Carl Rogers was convinced that there is a single motivation that underline all human behaviors. The organism has but one basic tendency and striving to actualize, maintain, and enhance the experiencing organism. We are all in the process of becoming the person were meant to be, to realize the potentials we have in us. There are environment that will help us achieve it, or on the other hand derail it. Rogers said there is a mechanism that informs us whether or not were making growth promoting choices -> The Organismic Valuing Process (OVP) The little voice in our head that tells us what were doing is right or wrong. Humans have a fundamental capacity to perceive the growth-relevant implications of their experiences and choices. If we have the environment we need to realize our potentials, and our OVP is working inside of us, then we are on our road to what Rogers calls The Fully Functioning Person There are traits that characterize someone thats on the road to the fully functioning. Openness to Experience -> Not the same as the 5 factor model, it is meant to characterizes that the fully functiong person is free of the need to defensively distort the reality they experience. Theyre able to listen attentively, without anxiety. They can confront the reality at hand, no need to distort them due to insecurity etc... Existential Living -> Free to live in the moment. They arent overwhelmed with regrets from their past or overwhelmed with their future. They fully appreciate what the presence has to offer. Self-Trust -> has the ability the trust themselves. They abide by their OVP telling them what they should or should not do. On Becoming a Person Positive Regard -> The critical ingredient to becoming the fully functioning person. All of us have the need to be loved or be accepted, especially at an earlier age. We need to look at others and see the appreciation and respect they have for us. Conditions of Worth -> Thus this drives us to change in order to receive or see the reflection of those appreciations and respects from others. Conditional Positive Regard -> Love and approval are earned occasionally by meeting certain conditions. Client-Centered Therapy Unconditional Positive Regard -> The councillor must accept the patient and hisher
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