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Lecture 14

lecture 14 thorough

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Marc A Fournier

Lecture 14PersonalitySelfdetermination Theory continuedDeci3 basic psychological needs that are typical of the species must be attained in order to be intrinsically motivated3 universal needsAutonomy feel a sense of choiceownership over ones own behaviouractionscompetence masteryeffectancerelatednessa need to feel connected to others and care for othersThere is no individual difference in need strength the needs are the same for everybodyThe only difference lies in the environment Which environment will help satisfy this needWe cant take it for granted that the needs will be metSelfdetermination theorist The envt has to provide the resources for these needs to be metWhat contributes to the satisfaction of the needs3 contextual factors in the environment1 autonomy supportextent to which environment offers choice how much initiation or innovation they encouragepressure to perform in the environment is minimized2 structurethe extent to which the relationship between behaviour and outcomes are understandablewwwnotesolutioncom
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