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Marc A Fournier

PSYB30 Monday, March 28, 2011 Lecture 19 Myth and Narrative -Freud offered the first and arguably only theory on comprehensive personality and courses on PP usually begin with Freud -bc Freud, Jung and Adler have the most complex theories of personality and their focus on the deep subject of ppl, McAdams places them at the end of the book, where he discuses the deepest level, level III Freud -he offered a very bold and comprehensive outline of what personality may be -the goal at the time was to provide a grand unifying theory of all personality and human behav that is relevant to personality -structural point of view, 3 elements; ego executive, id- reservoir of libidinal energy and primary urges, superego performs the functions of the conscious -conscious, preconscious and unconscious -classic personality theories such as Freuds attempt to explain personality in its entirety, and more contemporary theories are much more limited in scope, they will focus on a single trait -Freud introduced the talking cure; psychotherapy -basic instincts underlie much of human behav. drives toward sex and aggression -libido; an innate life preserving force that drives human action -thanatos; the aggressive drive within humans -defense mech; repression is the first line of defense; there are many more mechs than we can call upon, that each person uses to alleviate them from feeling anxiety -when the ego is positioned to loose control over the id or superego that is the experience of anxiety; defense mechs ensure we do not have these experiences and the ego remains in control Text and Subtext -manifest v. latent -manifest; how things seem on the surface -latent; how they truly are underneath -things are never as they seem Manifest content; this is conscious -Freud would argue that a true understanding requires recognizing that the manifest emerges out of a competing hoard of latent material -there is an abundance of hidden unconscious material and this gives rise to the manifest
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