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Lecture 17

Personality Lecture 17 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

Lecture 17 Life Story The Role of Narrative in Personality functioning st Personality Traits - 1 level the psychology of the stranger Characteristic Adaptations - 2 level motivational adaptations Life Story Approach - 3 level all attributes are unified and made coherent Formation of the Life Story Dimensions of Human Existence 2 fundamental themes in all things human (both of these are meta-concepts) Agency Focus on the self Formations of Separations Striving for self-expansion and self-elevation THEME OF DIFFERENTIATING SELF Communion Focus on others Formation of connections Striving for contact and congregation with others THEME OF CONNECTING SELF TO OTHERS The Tone of Infancy Earliest years in life, caregiver attachment is responsible for organizing concept of trustmistrust. Will there be reliable others to turn to or is the world an uncertain place, where people cant be relied upon Early experiences of trustmistrust produce Hope Prelinguistic attitude that infant acquires toward the world. This early tone sets the stage for the story you will write: will it be optimistic or pessimistic. Optimistic (comedic & romantic) Pessimistic (tragedy & irony) Early experiences determine whether youll write an optimistic story or a pessimistic one? Early Childhood Images Images and themes kids are exposed to The nursery school child is busy acquiring a stockpile of rich, emotionally laden images from family, school, the media, etc. Early images become a part of who the person is Culturally grounded or sanctioned images provide raw material for later life-story
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