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Chapter 7 part2

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Marc A Fournier

PSYB30 Chapter 7 March 7,9, 2011 I. Humanistic approaches on humanistic psychology Humanism 3 organizing force in NA psychology 3 Primary intellectual o Psychoanalysis dark view of human. Unconscious forces, dark libinal urges, fundamentally blind to our self- regulation. o Behaviorist tries to be neutral. The products of our learning history. Neither good nor bad. o Humanistic (existential) adopts a more optimistic view about humans. All of us come into the world with potentials. Attending to the environment that surrounds it. We are fundamentally good, we are capable of rationality, autonomous self-regulation. Key figure in humanistic o Carl Rogers psychotherapist Client-centered therapy. To know how to help people, you have to know everything. Where personality came from. Theory of personality. There is a single motivation that underlines human motivation. to actualized, maintain and enhance our true self. That true-self is always inside us. To see the potential we have. How do you know that the step or choice youre making to be the true person you are. There is a mechanism inside of us that informs us if we are making a growth progress steps. ORGANISMIC VALUING PROCESS its built in the species. That little voice that tells us if we are doing is right or wrong. Assuming that the environment is helping and that organismic valuing process is helping too,We are on the road to becoming a fully functioning person characterized people who are actualizing their true self.
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