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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Notes

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Konstantine Zakzanis

PSYB32H3 -There is nothing statistical about DSM -It is used as a method of communication to convey messages of disorders -The introduction of DSM3, did not show any sort of credibility; thus all the versions before were no more than just diagnostic categories -DCM 3 established diagnostic guidelines -Thus it outlined how many certain symptoms were required, and what hallmarks symptoms the person may have required to deal with -This gave the factor of improvement in the reliability of diagnosis in terms of interrator reliability -Basically a patient in front of 3 different collisions before DSM3, and we would have 3 different diagnostics -The interrator reliability is how reliable the diagnostic decision making is, how much agreement the patient is in. -The latest version is the DSM4 -If one says they have a major depressive disorder, it comes with a host or constellations which compile to make up the disorder -The substance abuse may have to be in a certain degree to cause an impact -DSM also provides exclusion criteria -IF there are behaviors which are expectable and culturally sanctioned, its not considered worthy of the DSM diagnosis -If someone loses a loved one and is really depressed -Homosexuality, the DSM recognizes that it is not an abnormal behavior -Hunger strikes and such, would be abnormal behavior, yet obviously are not something that would warrant the DSM diagnosis -DSM is compiled into 5 dimensions of classification system -Axis 1; typically the mood disorders; eating disorders etc
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