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Lecture 12

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Mark Schmuckler

Gender Role DevelopmentIIntroductionACategorizing males and females1Sexrole standards or stereotypes2Crosscultural trendsCFacts and fictions about sex differences1Sex differences that appear to be real2Cultural mythsIVDevelopmental trends in sex typingADevelopment of Gender Identity1Discrimination of male versus female2Development of gender constancyCAcquiring Genderrole StereotypesDDevelopment of Gendertyped BehaviorIITheories of sextyping and gender role developmentAThe biological approachBThe psychoanalytic approachCSocial learning theory1Direct tuition2Observational learningCKohlbergs cognitivedevelopmental theoryDMartinHalversons gender schema theoryCategorizing Males and FemalesSexrole or genderrole standardsA value motive or class of behavior that is considered more appropriate for members of one gender than the otherReflect the stereotypes by which we categorize and respond to members of each genderGirls and the expressive roleinvolves being kind nurturing cooperative sensitive to others Traits assumed to be important for girls as they grow up to take on typical female role in societywoman as mother wife keeps family functioning Boys and the instrumental roletask of providing for family protecting family from harm Boys are encouraged to become dominant independent assertive competitivemake it possible to make a living an intermediary between society and family How typical are these views across societies Next slide Basic genetic difference underlying gender differences and lead to how parents treat them There is more to gender then biological heritage Children must understand gender and include it in idea of self concept sextypingidentify with gender identity the process by which a child acquires these sexrole standards
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