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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Somatoform Disorders

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Konstantine Zakzanis

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Heterogeinity no two patients are alike; Inter rater reliability is poor ; Cultural factors play of moderating role; Somatoform can be offensive to patients Somatoform Disorders Common disorder among groups of disorders Pains have to cause distress or impair or disablize ADL DSM has 3 subsets but at the middle is ever diagnosed both psychological and general medical conditions Because pain is a subjective experience dont actually have a test to be objective never know if physical or psychological phenomenon The case of The boards - woman car accident sharp pains - distress marriage dysfunction dissapointed attack her husband arguing in car bec. Of pains no sexual contact (both psychological factors and maybe medical conditions rises) Reinforcement of being disabled Co morbid e.g. social phobia and depression sad about your condition delusional disorder Difficult to treat aesthetic repair Distress and disability to be diagnosed with it Hypochondriasis Irregular heart beat over interpret and catastrophize negative life events and thought CBT but disorder is quite chronic Somatization Difficult t
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