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Mark Schmuckler

Entire book is fair game Lectbook good strategy for study Talk bout Freud/phobias/brain Hypochondria-learning of disorders..thinking tht u will hv it Multiple personality disorder-dissociative disorder Clinical psychologist:Assessing disorder October 9 :first exam! Nov.6 2 exam The dsm cretieria for dementia is… DSM Defining abnormality: -Score statistically infrequent compared to norm -personal distress(feces example)..but there are obvious examples of it i.e.anxiety)..exception for being abnormal is tht it don’t cause distress i.e. psychopath -violation of a norm(relative concept though, cause the norms chng over time i.e.homosexuality which use to be a disorder)..must threaten/make anxious the person who is observing it to be abnormal -impairment vs. disability/disfunction(impairment..i.e.anxiety,depression have tht impairment but wont disable you)..abnormal when manifests in normal activities(abnormal) -unexpectedness-disabiliyty/distress irrational thought process tht is abnormal i.e.person hv lot money but believe hav to wrk more cause need more.. None of these criteria are fully explain abnormal cause the definition always..evolves no two patients are the same! Little box bought mental health profession in textbook  Psychiatrist-meds  Psychologist-therapy nd counselling  Occupational therapist-help with disabilities Back th
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