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Mark Schmuckler

Things on slides(i.e.definitions) tht in text rlly imp to take note of Paridigms:imp! Set of basic assumptions in clinic..a perspective tht defines how to conceptualize,interpret bout data,think bout patients i.e.psychophaarapist –cognitive-behavioural approach 1.biological-practicians,reductionist approach,based on all bio in discovery in solution Behavioural genetics-study of invid diff attributal in prt of genetic makeup/ if mental disease hv a genetic component Genotype-inherited nd unobservable phenotype- i.e.anxiety…observable behave characteristics…product of geno nd enviro (will be abnormal if a disorder is not inherited) Family-genetics predispositions (index/proban case) Monozygotic:100% share genetic make-up..if both hv schizo…thy hv concordance Linkins analysis-look at family and look for who has genetic markets for a type of /look at the common Neurotransmission Reuptake Clinical psychologists don’t prescribe drugs Cortical(outer)brain structure imp for higher order cogition Inner sturctures(subcortical)..more involved w/movement disorders Frontal lobe-executiv functxn;motor,planning,,….right side lesion: manic episodes left lesion: depressed..lack motivation -memory,learning Right frontal:retrieval of info Left frontal: oncoding of info (speech broca area Temporal-left side:vernickes area speech verbal right side: non-verbal sounds i.e.brking In temporal has hippocampus-consolidates info(stamps the info)..if lesion..alzhemiers Parietal lobes;visual/special function left-diffulculty understanding movmnt right-visual neglect Receptiple lobe:vision Structural neuroimaging(x-ray):MRI,CT scans Functional(blood movmnt):PET,Spec… FMRI-both Pharmacology: -anxielytics-sleep,phobia,anxiety,pain Antidepressants-eating diorders,pain,demnatia, Antipsychotics-brain injuries,degenegnerative disorder,depression, Psycho-stimulants-ADHD,improve cognition,alzhemiers Need to noe major categories,not specific names though Though if speak bout in case study in specific lec than be on exam Psychoanyltic paradigm: Freud Structure of mind-neurosis Id-pleasure..below lvl of awareness..unconsciounce,need of immediate grativacation(primary process thinking)alleviate tension ,ego,-consciois..the me right now ,deal w/reality,secondary process thinking Suprego-moral Defence mechanisms:protect from id tensions..startegies
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