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Lecture 3

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Mark Schmuckler

Ch.3 talk more biout, than ch.5… Dsm not statistical, rather its use for diagnosis Descriptive terms Importance: To prescribe the right treatment Communicate a diagnosis reliably(inter-rater reliability) Research(to find out more bout the disorders) Differential diagnosis (weighing b/w which one) Syndrome-constilation of symptoms tht define a disease Psychological impairment-not observable Behavioural impairment-observable Definition of mental disorder in dsm Dsm specifies cud be either or both Has to cause distress/impairmnt (concern)nd disability(effect daily living Excludes: Expectable cultural sanction event i.e.death of a love one..then cries) Deviant , behaviour i.e.fasting Conflicts b/w indiv nd society i.e.occupied movmnt…99% of pop against the big corporations Diagnostic categories Imp to know which disorder goes to which axis Axis 1-all diagnostic categories Axis 2-narcissm,mental retardation 3-genral medical condition,(medical conflicts,unlikely tht medical condition is causing the psychological or the othrway around) 4-environ problems(occupational,education..may aspiring the disorder… 5-gloabal lvl of functioning..numerical score to describe the severity of impairment nd disability(0-100) Categorical to dimentional-bredth of symptoms rathr than numbr for diagnosis in the dsm 5 Developmental disorders-wont be covered cept for conduct disorder-child violate norm(anti- social/psychopathy) presence of this disorder has to come first b4 psychopathy comes Substance-related disorder-only becomes formal diagnosis whenabuse/ dependence results in behaviour to meet demands of daily living…i.e.their job/law Schizophrenia-lost touch of reality,particular when positive symptom is there(hallucination,added to a personality tht didn’t exist,delusions(not in real life),negative symptom-sumthing in personality taken away i.e. lack of emotion,lack ability to speak.. psychotic episodes-postive nd remission of negative symptomsnot grounded in reality…diffrnt from bipolar Need to only now the 3 major mood disorder Major depressive-suicidal,appetite loss,hopeless,sleep pattrns,…may say no to these symptoms cause they denial nd stigma Comordity-presence of more than one disorder (often),issue Mania-overwhelm sense of ability..cud conquer anything…,unrelated expectations..still grounded in reality Bipolar-Lows of depression nd highs of mania.(i.e.hypomania).shifts Anxiety disorders-(most common) Phobia-cause distress nd disability..avoid wht it is u are afraid of Panic disorder-(attacks)…its like hving a heart attack…hv no control of outside environ..cud be accompanied by agrophobia(fr of leaving home cause scarred of getting attack) Generalized anxiety-constant worry about everything grounded in irrational thoughts OCD-obseesion(recurrence of image/thought tht continuously dominates person conscious thoughts),compulsion(urge to perform w/ impossible purpose to extinguissh anxiety fron the obsession…(can laugh bout it but cant do nething bout it) Post-traumatic stress disorder-after a traumatic event,(flashbcks,fear,)…psychologist cnt put value judgemnt for event(it’s the patients not the psychologists)…acute nd chronic Somatoform Physical symptom hv no known physiological cause -somatization… Conversion-symptoms of neurological(loss of smell,loss of sight) Pain-complain of pain always accompany by anxiety nd depression.diagnose by d
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