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LEC01: Definitional and Historical Considerations

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Konstantine Zakzanis

PSYB32 LEC01 September 12 2011Definitional and Historical Considerations Statistical Infrequency Assertion that a person is normal it would imply that he or she does not deviate much from the average on a particular trait or behaviourThe Case of the Mens RoomHere is the case study Nick is a homosexual man who when he goes to the restroom and finds an attractive person he then takes the feces or urine and then orgasms to itthere are other ways to find out what is abnormal or normal but we will use this one for nowWhat is Abnormal BehaviourViolation of norms does this behaviour violate social norms or threaten or make anxious those observing itPersonal distress is the behaviour abnormal if it causes personal distress does it cause nick distressDisability or dysfunction an example of disability is when one goes home drinks a bottle of vodka and an MDMA pilldoesnt show up to work the next day or not going to school not engaging in daily living element of Unexpectedness an example kleptomania compulsive stealing Wynonna Rider a famous actress who choose to steal when clearly she has money for it it is then unexpected that she would stealHistory of Psychopathology Demonology Exorcism Trepanninga lot of Demonology happened because the churches were very important at the timethey used Exorcism to get rid of the abnormalities it was very cruel at times because what their goal was to make the person suffer so that the demon would want to leave and escape the painful body that they possessedtrepanning is another way like Exorcism needing to get rid of the demon this act was done by opening a hole in a persons head so that there would be so much pain the demon would once again leave the bodyHippocrates known as the Father of Medicine he was the first to advance the SomatoGenesis Hypothisis the notion that there is
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