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Chapter 10 SubstanceRelated Disordersa substance abuse b substance dependence c substance use d All of the above are equally serious Answer B Type Factual Page 2972 Catherine has been unable to obtain crack for several weeks because she has had no money and so has not used the drug for the past monthShe went throughwithdrawal symptoms when she was unable to take her usual doseShe craves the drug all the time and is constantly searching for ways to get someHer efforts to obtain crack have seriously interfered with her ability to work and take care of her children Which of the following DSMIV diagnoses would best fit Catherines symptoms a substance abuse b substance dependence c addiction d Catherine does not qualify for a DSMIV diagnosis since she has not used the drug for the past month Answer B Type Applied Page 2973 Wanda drinks frequently and now does not require as much alcohol as six months ago to achieve the same effectShe reports that she can outdrink most people Wanda is probably a genetically predisposed to alcoholism b developing a physiological dependence on alcohol c acquiring behavioral skills in modulating her drinking d deluding herself This is not physically possible Answer B Type Applied Page 2974 Carlos suddenly stopped taking amphetamines after prolonged abuse of the drug He became very ill and diedHis death is an example of a substance dependenceb substance abuse c withdrawal symptoms d synergistic effects Answer C Type Applied Page 297 5 Substance dependence may be distinguished from substance abuse because a substance dependence is associated more with legal trouble because of usage b substance use results in not meeting major obligations c substance dependent users endanger themselves by driving while under the influenced substance dependence is associated with failed attempts to reduce usage Answer D Type Factual Page 2976 A recent study conducted in the United States indicated that over 9 of the population a met diagnostic criteria for substance abuse or dependenceb were alcoholicsc reported using heroin at some point in their lifetimed were addicted to nicotineAnswer A Type Factual Page 2977 Delirium tremens refers to a a symptom of conversion disorder b the symptoms that accompany an overdose of heroin c the symptoms that may accompany withdrawal from alcohol d the hallucinations common in schizophrenia Answer C Type Factual Page 2988 Delirium tremens is due to a a sudden drop in alcohol levels in a chronic heavy drinkerb high doses of alcohol in a person who has not previously drunk heavily c high doses of alcohol in a chronic heavy drinkerd All of the above can cause the symptoms of delirium tremens Answer A Type Factual Page 2989 Which neurotransmitter has been implicated in alcohol tolerance but not in depression a serotonin b dopamine c norepinephrined GABAAnswer D Type Applied Page 29810 Why is it considered particularly dangerous to abuse more than one drug at a time a It may lead to taking more dangerous drugs b You are more likely to become addicted c The interaction of the drugs masks each others effects d The interaction of the drugs produces an especially strong reaction Answer D Type Factual Page 29911 Lifetime prevalence rates for alcoholism are approximatelyfor men andfor women a 20 8 b 40 20
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