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Konstantine Zakzanis

Chapter 11 Schizophrenia1 Schizophrenia is researched andunderstood a widely wellb widely not well c sparsely very welld sparsely poorly Answer B Type Factual Page 3502 During an acute episode of schizophrenia the most prominent symptoms isare a disorientation b positive symptoms c difficulty concentratingd inability to bathe and take care of personal business Answer B Type Factual Page 3513 The following are examples of positive symptoms of schizophrenia a social support physical healthb low activity level lack of intense emotional responses c hallucinations and delusions d coping skills which are different for different individuals and help them to manage their illness Answer C Type Applied Page 3514 Marks parents bring him to see a psychologist because they believe Mark is experiencing delusions What piece of information would most indicate that Mark had schizophrenia and not some other diagnosis a His delusions only come when his parents are around b His delusions are highly implausible c His delusions have persisted for more than 5 years d His delusions involve other people Answer B Type Factual Page 3515 Among schizophrenics who suffer from delusions a large majority experience a delusions of persecutionb thought broadcast c delusions of impulses imposed by others d hallucinations with the delusions Answer A Type Factual Page 3516 When I am trying to relax and read a book my father puts his thoughts into my head so that I cannot concentrate This statement by a schizophrenic patient is an example of what type of symptom a affective b motor c positived negative Answer C Type Applied Page 3517 Most hallucinations experienced by schizophrenics are a visual b tactile c auditoryd olfactory Answer D Type Factual Page 3528 Carla has schizophrenia Which of her symptoms is most likely to be present outside of an acute episode of schizophrenia a Hearing a voice telling him he is not good at his job b Thinking that his thoughts are being broadcast so others can read them c Not showering for days on endd None of the above are correctAnswer C Type Applied Page 3539 Which of the following are examples of negative symptoms of schizophrenia a flat affect lack of initiative b hallucinations and delusions c difficulty concentrating low intelligence poor memory d catatonic immobility waxy flexibility Answer A Type Factual Page 35310 Carlos is a schizophrenic living with his parents One of his symptoms is a difficulty initiating any activity and once started he is unable to finish This is an example of a akesthesia b anhedonia c avolition d alogia Answer C Type Applied Page 35311 Anhedonia as a symptom of schizophrenia refers to lack ofa emotional expressionb interest or pleasurec coherent speechd speechAnswer B Type Factual Page 35412 The symptom alogia refers to lack of a intelligenceb energy and interest c emotional response d meaningful talk Answer D Type Factual Page 35313 James is struggling with schizophreniaHe also finds it difficult to experience pleasure from activities that he enjoyed before his symptoms beganThis is an example of a alogiab anhedonia c avolition d asociality Answer B Type Applied Page 35414Roger has a vacant stare He answers questions in an apathetic monotone voice and shows no emotion even when discussing events such as his mothers death Rogers affect would be described as
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