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Lecture 6

PSYB32 Lecture 6 Notes

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Konstantine Zakzanis

Lecture 6 N Nancy o After turned 18 was depressed Insomnia (could not sleep no matter what) N 4:O3989459KL3NL3J 7:8KL3J9K4:JK98,3 flashing memories Intense phobia of darkness o After 2 weeks of not having sleep, had suicidal thoughts o Then 2 weeks later, the thoughts turned into a biological need o Took 60 sleeping pills Woke up next morning and entire body was paralyzed o Not able to control everything in her mind Devoid of human feelings o Anti-depressants began to have side effects o Jumped off a balcony and paralyzed from waist down o In sunnybrook hospital, had to take 20 pills everyday After a week, started to sleep again Suicidal thoughts were reduced by a dramatic extent o Took more than a year to regain sanity o In 2003 diagnosed with bipolar disorder (wrong diagnosis for depression) o Every mental illness can be classified into neurosis or psychosis Neurosis N Eating disorders etc N ,3990OO9K0,708L.N439K04:98L0 Psychotic N Can tell that they are sick by behaviour o Bipolar disorder Has strong genetic roots Born bipolar Biochemicals were not balanced (triggered suicidal thoughts) N Luc o Major depression Every morning when wake up Never feels normal without medication o Has a good life No reason why should be depressed Most ppl think that ppl who are depressed have a bad life etc.
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