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Connie Boudens

Chapter 7: Abnormal Psychology Somatoform and Dissociative Disorders: Somatoforms are very common while dissociate form are very rare, but they are linked due to psychology factors. - pain disorders: psychological factors play a significant role in pain (psychological factor and general medical condition). These patients have a commorbid diagnosis that create a additional problem. No evidence of malingering – Iotrontronic pain ; the individual who claims to have physical pain Acute- less than 6 months vs. Chronic- longer than 6 months Pain has to resolve around distress and disability. There are people who try to fix their defects that it leaves them poor, health risk, cosmetic surgery (body dismorphic disorder). Affects mostly woman, starts in late adolescents when we become more aware of our appearance, comorbid with other types of psychological problems including depression and social phobia. Hypochondrias – someone who has a fare of illness. 5% of population will suffer from this. early adulthood is when it starts. They may over react hugely about small things. Somotization disorder- multiple somatic complaints, no physical cause and for which the individual will seek multiple medical treatment. There has to be 4 pain symptons, 2 gastorid symptons (gastorid and suital). There has to be impairment and disability. Anxiety and mood disorder,
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