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Chapter 14: Sexuality Gender identity disorder (transsexual) : starts usually from childhood, where people believe they are of the opposite sex. 6.6x more frequent in boys than it is in girls. Those that are excluded from this group are persons with schizophrenia and hermaphrodites. Causes: - can be influenced by hormones such as the case of the Dominican republic individuals who had small penis and than developed on as they grew older an as a result grew into their masculinity figure - the other case of the women who take progestin (testosterone) while pregnant, their fetus become tom boys - thought of to be a mental disorder however, others thing it should be removed from the DSM as one can lead to homosexuality (gay) - prenatal sex hormones can contribute to cross dressing and behaviour - boys who crossed dressed for fun while they were young could have been encouraged by the mother as she wanted a daughter, this could have confused the boy and could be a result of his transexuality Therapies: alter the body or alter the psychology designed to match the persons body A person has to under 6-12 months of psychotherapy. They often discuss depression and anxiety and other options available for transsexual. They might be given prescriptions of testosterone to make chest hair grow, remove Adam apples, soften breast tissue so they their body appears closer to their belief. Sex- reassignment surgery: operation in which the existing genitilia are altered to make it more like the opposite sex. The first operation took place in Europe in 1930s. More men perform this surgery. Estimated each year in the US more than 1,000 transsexuals undergo this surgery. (Orgasmic reorientation) there has been studies were transsexual undergo a control study showing pictures of men and later on their views have changed that these mans are not what they want and somehow become physically attractive to women instead. Clients are confronted with conventionally arousing stimulus (photograph of a woman) Paraphilias: group of disorders involving sexual attraction to unusual objects or sexual activities that are unusual in nature. The fantasises must last 6 months and cause great distress. 50% of men have peeping fantasy of naked women. Majority of them are male. - DSM classifies paraphilia as one having great distress, however there are people wh
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