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Brain Structure review

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Connie Boudens

Structure Description Meninges The three layers of non-neural tissue that envelop the brain and spinal cord Cerebral Hemispheres Make up the cerebrum Right Hemisphere Generally controls left side of body. Discerns spatial relations, patterns, and is involved in emotion and intuition. Left Hemisphere Generally controls right side of body. Responsible for speech and possibly analytical thinking in right-handed people (and some left-handed people). Corpus Callosum Large band of nerve fibers that connect the two cerebral hemispheres Cerebral Cortex The thin outer covering of each of the cerebral hemispheres; highly convoluted and composed of nerve cell bodies that constitute the grey matter of the brain. Gyri The ridge of the cortex in the brain Sulci Depressions between the ridges in the cerebral cortex or outer layers of the brain; also called fissures Frontal Lobe The forward or upper half of each hemisphere, in front of the central sulcus, active in reasoning and other higher mental processes. Parietal Lobe The middle division of each cerebral hemisphere, situated behind the central sulcus and above the lateral sulcus; the receiving centre for sensations of the skin and of bodily positions Temporal Lobe A large area of each cerebral hemisphere situated below the lateral sulcus and in front of the occipital lobe; contains primary auditory projection and association areas and general association areas. Occipital Lobe The posterior area of each cerebral hemisphere, situated behind the parietal and above the temporal lobes, responsible for reception and analysis of visual information and for some visual memory. White Matter The neural tissue, particularly of the brain and spinal cord, consisting of tracts or bundles of myelinated (sheathed) ner
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