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University of Toronto Scarborough
Konstantine Zakzanis

PSYB32 – Lecture 07 (Chapter 14 WebOption – Summer 2013 This entire lecture on Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders is done by a guest, Professor James Cantor. Therefore the structure of these notes may be a bit different than usual seeing as no slides were provided on blackboard.  Heterosexuality/Homosexuality: erotic attraction to one’s opposite/same biological (born) sex o So if you’re born as a male and are attracted to men then you are homosexual, EVEN if you undergo a sex change to become female  Gender Dysphoria: discontent with one’s born sex, desire to possess body of, to be regarded as other sex o a person can be gender dysphoric (unhappy with their current gender), but it’s not to the extent that they decide to undergo body transitions (not full-blown transsexuals) o Transsexualism: extreme gender dysphoria, persisting without fluctuation for >1-2years  An extreme form of Gender Dysphoria which you feel so thoroughly that you determine you MUST undergo a physical change  Cross-dressing: is a behaviour, not an identity. It’s when males engage in recurrent and persistent adornment of female-typical clothing, make up, etc o Fetishistic Transvestism: cross-dressing, accompanied by sexual arousal (at least at the beginning of adolescence)  It’s not simply cross-dressing for fun, attention, etc (ie Drag Queens), but it’s also sexually arousing for the person when they cross-dress  They will put on the clothing and then masturbate, then remove the clothing and put it away and act like they never did it  A fetishistic attraction to looking female o Drag Queen: cross-dressing w/o sexual arousal  Cross-dressing for fun, entertainment purposes  There is an enormous array of terms to describe the various sexual and gender identities and orientations. There are so many in between hetero and homosexual that we may not be aware of, such as:  Gynandromorphism: when you possess both male and female characteristics o For ex: a female who possesses breasts as well as a penis o Gynandromorphophilia: an erotic attraction to gynandromorph’s  so the individual isn’t straight, gay or bi. They are simply attracted to a body that possesses both female attributes as well as a penis Female-to-Male (FTM) Transsexuals  They’re simpler than the male-to-female transsexuals, because there’s more than one kind of male-to-female transsexuals (more on that soon) o Only one kind of female-to-male transsexuals (will use FtM from now on)  Uniform clinical presentation o When they come into the doctor’s office they all typically present similarly  They’re all biological females, practically always lesbian, who look (dress) as young adolescent males o However, being lesbian isn’t enough for the person. They feel the need to undergo a change to become the opposite sex  Ie in their mind, when they’re having sex with their girlfriend, they don’t picture it as girl on girl, but as a man having sex with a woman o They try to live their lives as lesbians for some period of time but eventually determine that it isn’t enough so they undergo a sex change operation  They’re extremely cross-gender in childhood o They aren’t just tomboys. They’re the children who throw absolute fits when they have to wear a dress for special occasions for ex (they’re very masculine) o The parents will bring them in not knowing what to do  Puberty is extremely difficult for them o It ends the fantasy that things will change (that they will be men) when they grow up o They grow breasts, their voices go up and not down, etc. So their bodies are moving even farther in the wrong direction Female-to-Male Surgeries  Several different surgeries available for FtM transsexuals  These surgeries all have their fare share of problems (less safe than male-to-female surgeries) Radical Hysterectomy: complete removal of female sexual organs  ie removal of the uterus  Very risky procedure – can increase risk of cancer for ex Chest re-contouring: removal of breasts  Similar to a double mastectomy that a women with breast cancer would undergo  However, it’s much more cosmetic to provide the look of a male chest  He shows a pic and it actually looks quite like a man’s chest; there’s even chest hair which appears once the patient is put on testosterone for a few months Phalloplasty: surgical construction of a penis  Requires a donor to donate the required tissue o Majority of surgeons use tissue from a donor’s forearms or inner thighs o To construct a 6-inch penis, they require a foot of tissue which is substantial  Tends to become infected a lot Metaoidioplasty: the severing of the cartilage which holds the cli
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