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Konstantine Zakzanis

Abnormal Psychology Lecture 1 Chapter 1Story about how he met this girl in high school and how he got a lot of physiological signs such as an erection heart racing Then she wanted to go to uni just like her and ended up going and taking psychology He got his flunking mark bumped up by doing researchHe went to CAMHIn abnormal psychology how does ones brain work in one area but not in the other Study understand asses and treat people with different abnormalities What is abnormal behavior o Defining abnormalities by statistical infrequencybut this is not enough o Personal distress however psychopaths dont experience personal distress o Violation of normsthis is a relative concept depending on person time and culture o Behavior must threaten or make anxiousor threaten the person observing o ImpairmentDysfunction vs Disability Disability causes abnormal behvaiour It must affect their daily living behavioro Unexpectedness stress and disability of behavior are unexpected Nick was a single 26 year old grocery clerk who complained about shit and referred to mental health clinic When he was experiencing low sexual behavior he took the feces of attractive males in bathrooms and took it home Warm feces in bag of boiling water and play with it which sexually excites him til he orgasms However this man is not experiencing personal distress None of the criteria are complete on their own and evolution prevents a simple definition of abnormalities The characteristics are not equally applicable to every diagnosisNo two patients are the same may be the same but there are many variations Mental Health Professions o Clinical psychologist phD with disorders and therapy but brain behavior and cognitive neurology and people with traumatic brain injuries they are neuropsychologistPsychologists
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