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Chapter 10 Textbook Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Konstantine Zakzanis

Chapter 10: Mood Disorders Mood Disorders: - Mood disorders = disabling disturbance in emotion from sadness of depression to elationirritability of mania - Often associated w other psychological problems J panic attacks, substance abuse, sexual dysfunction, and personality disorders - Increases with presence of other disorders Depression - Depression = emotional state of sadness and feelings of worthlessness and guilt J can also feel withdrawal from others, lose sleepappetitesexual drive and loss of interestpleasure in activities - Depression symptomssigns vary - Depression in children = more somatic complains J headache, stomach ache, etc - Adult depression = more memoryloss, distracted - Cross-cultural differences also J eg. Non-west has more somatic symptoms, west has more emotional symptoms due to cultures - Psychologizers = ppl who emphasize psychological aspects of depression J only 15% of depressed ppl (mostly in Canada and west) - Recurrent but diminishes with time - 13 of depressed ppl suffer from chronic depression Mania - Mania = emotional statemood of intense unfounded elation w hyperactivity, irritability, talkativeness, flight of ideas, distracted, and impractical plans Diagnosis of Mood disorders - Mood disorders divided into: major depression disorderunipolar depression and bipolar disorder Depression Diagnosis - Major depressive disorder = need to have FIVE symptoms for at least TWO WEEKS J depressed mood or loss of interestpleasure must be part of the 5 o Sad, depressed mood most of the day, every day o Loss of interestpleasure in activities o L[Zo)insomniac7 L[ooZo7ZoZZZo7L}Zo}o}L2]K
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