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Gender Identity Disorders

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Konstantine Zakzanis

Transsexuals were not allowed in female film festival of MichiganPeople who are leftist buh against transsexualsvery radical left people they got preconceived notion of what are males and females there is no such thing as female or male its community createdhence there cannot be transition from or to transsexuals hence it cannot be sorightphobicleft against their radical idealstranssexuals most extreme form of gender dysphoriafetishistic transvestismthey will dress as females and masturbate then pretend it didnt happen drag queenfor pleasure she male gynadromorphsnot hetereo not homo and no bi are gynandromorphothiliainterested in female body with penisfemalemale they are tom boysthey are almost always lesbianthey would give themselves boys nameswhen puberty came about things become hard for themFemale to male surgerieso Radical hysterectomytestotorome and still got uterus then might get cancer o Chest recontouringchanging the roundness into v shape o Metaoidioplastypiece of cartilage that holds clitosis together if your on testorene for few monthsthe uterus becomes larger and starts lookin like peniso Phalloplastyactuall making of penis from nothing donor site on forearm or inner thigh neopahals gotta be removedMales to femalesandrophilic MtF biological males wanan be femalesattracted to menNon androphilic is older than androphilic biological menattracted to femaleswana be women
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