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Lecture 12

Lecture 12

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Lecture 12December 2Developmental PsychologyGender Role DevelopmentEXAM Chapters 12 13 14 15Introduction How important is gender to development Its very importantRamifications of genderlabelling are extremely important We dress babies appropriate to their gender we buy sexappropriate toysWhy do we react so differently to the diff sexes Where do these differences come fromWell sex differences and our different responses to the sexes is due to biological differencesWe have expectations for how males and females should behave but this varies according to culture and contextCategorizing MalesFemalesSexrole standards or stereotypesSexrole standard is a value motive or class of behaviour that is considered more appropriate for members of one gender than the otherWe expect girls to be more kind cooperative sensitive and nurturingThese are the traits that girls will need later in life when they assume their roles as mothersOur society expects men to adopt a more instrumental role Mans job is to provide for the family and protect the family from farm So theyre expected to be assertive dominant and competitive These traits will enable them to make a livingCrosscultural trendsHow general are these sexrole standards A number of cultures share the same view StudyGender Typing in NonIndustrialized SocietiesNumber of societies in which there were differential pressure to adapt attributes 82 of these societies put pressure on girls to adopt such attributes such as nurturing 35 societies want girls to have obediance See ChartThis is not to say that these attributes are not encouraged in both genders All attributes are encouraged in both boys and girls however for theres more pressure for certain genders to adopt a certain attributeOne goal is to acquire attributes that will allow the person to become a functional being in the futureFactsfictions about sex differencesAre there differences in psychological functioning between boys and girlsSex differences that appear to be real4 differences in psychological processes in both boys and girls
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