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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Mark Schmuckler

Developmental PsychologyLecture 7Oct 2809 NeoPiagetian ResearchLeft a complex theory that has generated an enormous amount of research on cognitive developmentResearch on sensory motor stage o Detailed sequence of childrens abilities o 2 abilities children gain1object permanence y Prior to this stage if kids couldnt see it they didnt know it was there Dont acquire this until 12 months of age y Experiment Habituation DisplayScreen would rotate and comes into contact with the box She compared with impossible display the screen rotates 180 degrees and then the box reappears Impossible cause it violates principle of solidity If kids have notion of object permanence then they would still think the box exists A test of object permanenceIf they can see impossible display as being impossible they would have knowledge of the box even if the screen was covering itTHEREFORE 45 month old infants show evidence of object permanencePiagets task involved motor tasks where kids were required to reach out They probablly new object was there but they couldnt produce the movements to prove it Thats why he thought object permanence was at 12 months of age nd 2 study y ANotB Error y Infants have motor skills to recover the toy y They hide a toy in A location and the infant recovers it Then they hide it in the B location in front of the child What happens is that infant still searches for it in A location y Infant thinks that object only exists in that particular location so they havent developed object permanenceMaybe infants are failing this task not because of a problem with conceptualizing this object but maybe the kid just has a
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