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PSYB32 Lecture 2

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Konstantine Zakzanis

Abnormal Psychology PSY32 Lecture 2Chapter 2 Current Paradigms and the Role of Cultural Factors4 Types of paradigm1 Biological2 Psychodynamic humanistic3 Behaviourism conditioning4 Cognitivetype of paradigm defines the clinician and the treatment receivedparticular conceptualization of subject matterbiological approach concerns that there is something with the braininterplay of unconscious conflict psychodynamicpatient was taught to learn the behaviour behaviourismaffect how information is gathered and interpreteduse of MRI machine biologicalquestionnaire interview cognitiveBeck was responsible for developing such paradigm and believed that abnormal behaviour is due to irrational beliefeach approach has different sensitivity and form of investigationsome approaches are better worse at discovering one aspect than the other onecan miss a diagnosis or diagnose something when nothing is thereReductionism may occur if the belief that only genetic factor plays a role cannot treat it entirely biologicalFreud may thing problem can be resolved by having interview with the patient to discover the inner conflictSchizophrenia hear voices think he has the ability to stop a subwaysomething wrong with the brain biologicalmedicationunconscious conflict psychodynamicdynamic psycho therapylearn this behaviour which reinforces him to perform behaviourismneuroscience testMRI scan has low sensitivity for diagnosis of schizophreniapsychological test has high sensitivitycannot conclude which approach is the best depend on the situationclinician practice is evidence based psychologyBiological Paradigm
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