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PSYB32 Lecture 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Konstantine Zakzanis

PSYB32 Abnormal Psychology Lecture 5Chapter 7 Somatoform and Dissociative Disorderssomatoform disorders are more common than dissociative disordersless cases to study dissociative disordersPain disorderconsider the second subtype only psychological factors and general medical conditiondo not have an objective way to analyze pain disorder impact social functioncomorbidity substance abuse disorderstressor physical causedistress and disability complain about pain and the pain prevents them to function properly in daily lifepeople with historic personality disorder have higher chance to develop pain disorder because they seek attention from othersCase Study 1middle aged woman was in a minor car accidenteven though the car accident was mild and she should recover after three weeks she complained about the constant painwas assigned massage therapist and received housekeeping benefitbefore the accident she was responsible to do all the housework and her children pay her no respectafter the accident her children become sympathetic husband does some housework due to self report patient is not malingering but she avoids unpleasant activities to secure attention and securityPhysical Pain patient with physical pain localize the pain but people with pain disorder generalize the pain to all areamoderating factor and movement can make the pain better or worse Body dysmorphic disorderpatients undergo many cosmetic surgeries and face financial problemcomorbidity depression social phobia eating disorder substance abuse personality disorderElephant man case study 2attempt to suicide by putting head in plastic baglines on the nose that make him feel like he has an elephant noseagoraphobia scared to go out of homeHypochondriasiscatastrophic generalization of minor abnormality and symptomsoverreaction
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