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Lecture 6

PSYB32 Lecture 6

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Konstantine Zakzanis

Abnormal Psychology Lecture 6Case of Nancyin 2003 she experienced depressionsevere insomnia had enormous energyphobia for darkness and lonelinesshad suicidal attemptat first suicide was a desiregoogle searched way to commit suicideurge to die was beyond her controlafter consuming the entire sleeping pill she experienced paralysisrealized that depression was treatablesuicidal attempt was a biological need for herfelt no emotionnd2 suicidal attempt jumped off the balconyfeel no sensation in lower bodyafter attending psychotherapy suicidal tendency is reduced able to control her thoughtgenetic naturedepression is mental illness medical problem not psychologicaldepression is temporary state for healthy people but not for people with mental illnesssomething wrong with the chemical in the nervous system and neurotransmitterhave more neuron and more neuronal activitydepression symptoms happened in early teenage about 1822in 2007 the right medicine and dosage was found for herdid not have phobia anymore had positive attitudeunhappy relationship with her first love was the trigger for the depressionStereotype of Depressionflaw in personality not strong enough to handle stresseveryone has a different threshold to cope with stressif one seeks death he is medically sick and should take medicine to control the neuronal activityCase of Lucfinish master degree play sports grow up in good family environmenthad major depressionoversensitive about others feelings towards himdevelop defence mechanismexcessive need to sleepextreme feeling of loss lonelinesslow self confidence never feel good worthlessnessguilt from being tired or not going to workseek of suicide is a pleasant feelingdream about being deadtake pills to regulate nervous system to control norepinephrine and dopamine levelmood swing but not bipolar because it is always the depression not the manic episodetake pill that treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder to regulate mood swing
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