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Lecture 9

PSYB32 Lecture 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Konstantine Zakzanis

PSYB32 Abnormal Psychology Lecture 9Substance dependencebehaviour learning paradigmdrug creates pleasing experience do more become dependentpeople usually stop the abuse when they are 30start to have family responsibility health concern social and psychological factors2 Types of substance disordersubstance disorder and abuseDependencemore seriousmust have 3 of the symptoms in the slide to be classifiedtolerance1 Larger dosage of substance is needed to produce the desirable effect2 Effect of drug become less if the usual amount is takenwithdrawalwhen stop taking body exhibits withdrawal symptoms such as fatiguecontinue to use the substance to avoid withdrawaladdiction is when both tolerance and withdrawal occurSubstance AbuseExample of each subtitleinability to go to jobdrinking and drivingselling drugviolent to wife and childrenno withdrawal and tolerance for abuseSubstance intoxicationacute effect of drughallucination violent behaviour that is temporarythalcoholism is the 4 leading cause of disabilitydelirium tremens drop in blood alcohol level when one withdraws alcoholresult in memory problem and hallucination8085 people who depend on alcohol also smokesynergistic nicotine accelerate buzz of alcoholprevalence for alcohol abuse is 178 lifetime47 12 monthsprevalence of alcohol dependence is lower with 125 lifetime and 38 12 monthsno single pattern of abuseShortterm effects of alcoholmore social less anxious
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