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Lecture of Substance Abuse and Personality Disorders

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Konstantine Zakzanis

SUBSTANCE DEPENDENCE Difference between Substance Dependence and Abuse DSMV will probably drop the differences between the twowill see it on a continuum (from social drinkingto alcohol abuse and dependence) Call it Addiction and Related Disorders Symptoms of substance dependence Formal diagnosis includes a minimum of 3 of these symptoms If symptoms include Tolerance and Withdrawalalso use the term ADDICTION Tolerance Defined by 2 criteria Increase or larger dose of the substance is needed to produce a desired affect. INCREASE DOSE Effect of drug decreases if the usual amount is taken. INCREASE AMOUNT Withdrawal There is a physiological dependence, negative physical and psychological affects which are substance specific, develop when the person stops taking the substance or decreases the amount (or dosage) Some people will use the substance to decrease withdrawal affects Person uses more of substance or uses it for a longer time than intended Person recognizes excessive use of substance Much of the persons time is spent trying to obtain substance or recover from its effects Substance use continues despite problems Person gives up or cuts back participating in many activities because of substance Symptoms of Substance ABUSE DSM requires the presence of one of these symptoms Failure to fulfill major obligations Ex. Failing to go to work and supporting your family Exposure to physical dangers Ex. Unsafe sex because you are intoxicated Ex. Drinking and driving Legal Problems Ex. Spousal Abuse Persistent social or interpersonal problems Not taking care of your kids or pets SUBSTANCE INTOXICATION DISORDERTransient Impairment (short term problem)
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