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Lecture 8

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Konstantine Zakzanis

PSYB32lecture 8SchizophreniaCourse of the disorder is probably one of the most disabling onset is fairly early on in life as opposed to Alzheimers diseasePrevalence is about 1 of the population a little more common in males than in females historically this wasnt the case males age of onset is typically in the early 20s while females age of onset is latter 20sGreat deal of comorbidity with persons with the illness about 10 of patients commit suicide due to several reasons including delusional ideations personality disorders are also quite comorbid with schizophrenia substance abuse is also comorbid alcohol and cannabis depression and anxiety are also comorbid with the illness Disorder is not person specific the disease affects all family members In schizophrenia unlike other disorders in the class there is no marker no one symptom that all patients shareAcute stage of the disease is characterized by positive symptoms sometimes referred to as type 1 symptomsPositive symptoms means excesses or distortions of a behaviour that is apparent in most persons there are different types of positive symptoms1 disorganized speech or thought disorder loose association or derailment incoherent speech is often characterized by neologisms made up words word salad 2 delusions beliefs that are held contrary to reality implausible and not just improbable persecutory delusions are the most common being chased etc thought broadcasting thought insertion 3 hallucinations sensory experiences in the absence of any stimulation from the environment can come by way of any of the senses auditory is the most common thr
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