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Lecture 7

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Konstantine Zakzanis

PSYB32-lecture 7  Guest lecturer James Cantor  Transsexuals are a very complicated group; more than one type of transsexuality  Folks on the radical left were opposing it because they believe that the difference between male and female is a social construct and does not actually exist, and the existence of transsexuals would disprove this so they are against it  Hetero-/homosexuality: erotic attraction to one’s oppose/same biological (born) sex  Gender Dysphoria: discontent with one’s born sex, desire to possess body of, to be regarded as other sex  Transsexualism: extreme gender dysphoria, persisting without fluctuation for >1-2 years  Cross-dressing: in males, recurrent and persistent adornment of female-typical clothing, make- up, etc.  Fetishistic Transvestism: cross-dressing, accompanied by sexual arousal (at least beginning in adolescence)  Drag Queen: cross-dressing, w/o sexual arousal  The Plum Pudding Model of sexual orientation and gender identity  Gynandromorphism: attracted to a ‘she-male’; sexual orientation is neither straight, nor gay, nor bisexual  Female-to-male (FtM) Transsexuals- think of themselves as a man  FtM and MtF both usually feel that puberty is the worst time of their lives because they realize they are moving in the wrong direction; late teens and early 20s when they start to visit clinics  Surgeries themselves are not great for female-to-male; radical hysterectomy is cosmetically invisible but necessary because combination of testosterone and the uterus increases chances of cancer; phalloplasty is the actual surgical construction of a p
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