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Lecture 1

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Konstantine Zakzanis

Lecture 1:  What is abnormal behaviour? o Tests conducted & when statistically infrequent, then it’s a good indication that there may be some abnormality (only part of the definition because if someone can rmb 20 #’s then he is stat infreq, but may not be abnormal) nd o 2 criteria to define abnormality: personal distress (nick’s obsession w/ feces ex)  but not always (not all abnormalities cause personal distress)  Ex: psychopath doesn’t always feel personal distress but stress or anxiety will cause personal distress o Violation of norms  nick’s behaviour  Not complete explanation (it’s relative to time/ culture)  Ex: homosexuality (used to be a disorder but not anymore) o Behaviour must threaten or make person watching anxious o Disability/ dysfunction  impt difference b/w impairment and ability (Can be impaired but still be able)  Ex: depressed but still functional (going to school) o Unexpectedness (Nick’s behaviour—unexpected)  “distress & disability the behaviour is unexpected” (??)  Ex: person with a lot of $ worries about not having enough $ to the point that he can’t go to work to make $  Nefinition for abnormality (no 2 patients are the same, but they have similarities) Mental Health Professions:  Clinical psychologists/ neuropsychologists o Does a lot of assessment work (mostly don’t prescribe medication)  Psychiatrist o Mostly about prescribing medication (but engage in counselling too sometimes)  Social worker  Occupational therapist  Counselling psychologist  Psychiatric nurse  Speech language therapist -Early demonology- when things were abnormal there was no science to explain it  blamed it on demonic Gods (body/ mind possessed) - get rid of it through exorcism (but if it didn’t work, they drilled a hole in their skull or froze person close to death etc) -tried to drown them, if they died then they were possessed, if they survived, they were taken to their st death via beheading. (1 psychological test) - eventually came up w/ asylums (w/ horrific names/ treatments) -hydrotherapy-
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